Why Podcasting is Becoming Better than Blogging + MORE

Why Podcasting is Becoming Better than Blogging
It used to be that, when it came to marketing metrics, there was only one that mattered: purchases. A purchase, after all, means revenue. It’s trackable, traceable, and attributable. Other metrics? Not as much. But the new metrics (and mindsets) arising from e-commerce have given us a genuine appreciation for “non-purchase” activities as well…

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2 years ago, a huge portion of the emails I received from my audience looked something like this:
“Marcus, just found you recently and have been reading all your stuff…”
Today, these very same types of emails tend to look like this:
“Marcus, just found you recently and have been listening to all of your stuff…”
It’s the same email with one monumental difference…

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When promoting a post on Facebook, you can only have text in 20% of the post’s photo.
Lately that seems to have changed. I set out to discover what’s going on, and had surprising results.We live in a world of constraints. You’re not allowed to park in certain places, you shouldn’t litter in the park, and you can’t shout ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theatre…

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Author: Maggie JonesMarketing consumer products with a long buying cycle can be a blessing and curse. On one hand, there’s a bigger lag between your marketing efforts and an actual purchase – if you’re marketing a car, for example, it might take weeks for a buyer to make her decision. It’s difficult to tell which of your past marketing efforts affected the sale, or to prove that your current efforts are worth the investment…

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Sometimes you don’t even need an excuse to spend an entire afternoon losing yourself while looking through hundreds of beautiful looking websites and admiring their handiwork.
Luckily we do have a reason… research! That old ‘get out of jail free card’.
Last year I took a look at some excellent examples of persuasive ecommerce design and I thought now would be a great time to add to the list…

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All digital marketing activity is measurable. Right?
It’s nice to think that’s the case and there are a lot of people who believe it, but unfortunately it’s simply not true.
The reasons for this are numerous, not least that companies are struggling to keep up with the constantly shifting digital landscape…

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Managing Your Robots.txt File Effectively

– searchenginewatch.com

Robots.txt, when used correctly, can help you aid search engines with site crawling. But simple mistakes may stop search engines from crawling your site. Here’s how to use robots.txt, and some tools you can use to check for mistakes.

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